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Hey everyone, as you may know I am amongst the lucky few to be given early access to DigiBizPro by Jamie Lewis & Letian Liu to review before it officially launches on the 27th October 2009. Before we go any further I have to tell you that after being allowed to review DigiBizPro fully I do not believe that it is a scam. That being said however, I am quite concerned about a few issues . . . . I’ll explain in more detail below.

———-UPDATE 28th Jan 2010———-

Hey everyone, I have just gotten word that the doors for Digibizpro are about to re-open. I have heard this through the grapevine and nothing is set in stone about an exact date as of yet however there is a definite plan for Digibizpro 2.0 to be coming out shortly. I wanted to update you on this because I have been getting lots of emails and requests regarding when Jamie and his team intend on bringing DigiBizPro back again. What I can tell you is that DigiBizPro 2.0 is shaping up to be a different beast all together. I think Jamie and his team have learnt immensely from possibly the most amazing and sold out launch in 2009 of DigiBizPro and are only opening the doors when they have the proper support and features in place. What I also know is that DigiBizPro 2.0 is going to offer even more value than last time around as well as success stories. As soon as I know the exact release date of DigiBizPro 2.0 as well as exact information on DigiBizPro 2.0 and all its features I shall be updating this page with a full DigiBizPro 2.0 Review. So stay tuned to this site as I will completely re-vamp this page to take account of the new features in DigiBizPro 2.0 and we shall take a look and see if it lives up to the expectations of many. You should also know that if DigiBizPro 2.0 lives up to its reputation I shall also be offering an updated DigiBizPro 2.0 Bonus package. Stay tuned for more info on DigiBizPro 2.0 I shall be back very shortly as soon as I know anything. In the meanwhile you can also register your interest at the official DigiBizPro site above to be notified when DigiBizPro 2.0 is to be released. You can then come here for a full review and decide if its right for you! Talk Soon!


Straight off the bat I have to say that DigiBizPro is unlike any other product I have ever reviewed in terms of online marketing. In fact I would be hard pressed to even say DigiBizPro is a product in the natural sense of the word since Jamie boldly claims “We Will Make You An Online Business” something that I would say is more of a service. If your like me however, its very possible you have heard such claims before or have even bought into several products/services that claim to be able to do the same thing for you. So what makes DigiBizPro any different? Well to find out lets take a closer look at what DigiBizPro looks like under the hood…..

Who Is Jamie Lewis And Why Does It Matter?

DigiBizPro is a drastically different offering to ANYTHING that I have seen before and this is because at the heart of this service is a guy who has perfected the art of creating profitable websites fast, in short he knows how to receive traffic, close sales and make lots of money doing it. He has been so successful that he now has well over 50 websites with 15 being in the top 100 of the clickbank marketplace. He has been literally taking the market by storm for over 5 years, and this has been documented really well. Just recently during his flagship CopyNProfit launch he showed us earnings for the month of April 2009 for clickbank of just over $94,000 from ONE website! When someone is earning that kind of money every month you gotta sit up and take notice! Does it matter who Jamie Lewis is? I would say it does because it goes to the soul of what DigiBizPro is all about. Its set up to make you a full online business from scratch and guess who is going to be the one setting them up? That’s right you guessed it none other than Mr. Jamie Lewis himself. So, you need to know who this guy is because if he can earn millions of $ a year setting these sites up then he must be doing something right! Check out the man himself talking here:

But there is something very special about Jamie Lewis and DigiBizPro that sets him apart from many other marketers around today, and quite simply that’s the personal touch he brings to any product he is involved with. I know this myself from his release of CopyNProfit but I have also spoken to some of his previous and current students from CopyNProfit and they all seem to say the same thing: This guy really CARES about how you do and really does want YOU to succeed! That’s quite rare in today’s fast paced world of internet marketing. Thats probably the reason why the CopyNProft forum and others that he has set up over the years have turned out to be real communities and not just bog standard forums which nobody really wants to use.

Ok, I Know Who Jamie Lewis Is Now But What Is DigiBizPro?

Quite simply DigiBizPro is the culmination of all those years of hard work Jamie Lewis has put in to learning and refining exactly how to create websites that are High in demand, get Lots of traffic, and make Tons of money. I mentioned before that DigiBizPro is unlike any other product or service I have seen before and the reason for this is simple. NOBODY has ever offered a complete system like Jamie is doing in DigiBizPro and do you know why? Brace yourselves folks I am about to shock you: Jamie is not going to tell you what to do in DigiBizPro, he will not be providing you with endless “over the shoulder” DigiBizPro material or DigiBizPro e-books that simply follow the same tired old routines so many other so called Gurus have shown before. INSTEAD in DigiBizPro Jamie is going to actually create these websites for you from scratch. Yes you heard me right, he and his DigiBizPro team will get right behind you and actually make the site for you from scratch according to your design specifications and not only that but will actually set it up completely so that it receives traffic, closes sales and therefore makes you money every week, every month on autopilot with the DigiBizPro system. This would cost you over $20,000 just to set up this kind of DigiBizPro site alone and have it optimised, without Jamie and his knowledge of the marketplace to guide you. Shocked yet? To make sure you are understanding this concept of DigiBizPro fully let me illustrate this further:

Choose The Niche You Want Your DigiBizPro Website Built In : Jamie and his team help you by giving you a selection of DigiBizPro sites to choose from that are PROVEN to convert. No more endless hours of research trying to find a profitable market. All that is a thing of the past because Jamie knows exactly what converts and what works, he has done all the research remember. Just choose within the niches DigiBizPro provides and your set!

Sit Back and Relax While Your DigiBizPro Site Is Built and Set-Up: That’s right nothing more to see here folks, like I said you simply relax, go see a movie, visit your friends, play with the kids and the dog or simply do whatever you want to do. From this point on you do virtually nothing to build your DigiBizPro business because that’s Jamie and his DigiBizPro teams job, you are free to do what ever you like. The DigiBizPro site is being built to Jamie Lewis own standards and like I mentioned before Jamie knows how to set up full multimedia sites.

Take Delivery Of Your Completely Personalised DigiBizPro Multimedia Site: Feeling lazy yet? Well its only the beginning because now you have the DigiBizPro site do you think the work is done? Well I have a newsflash for you because the work actually just begins in DigiBizPro. That’s exactly where 98% of online business dreamers stop and therefore never make money. That’s because choosing the correct market, selecting the correct niche, keyword research, producing the website, making sure the design is correct, utilising the correct software and tools to create your site and finally having this site operational is only part of the equation. The real part comes in knowing how to get traffic and achieve sales. Do you notice something here? All that hard work in DigiBizPro is over and you did not have to barely lift a finger (unless you just wanted to check everything was going to plan and shot DigiBizPro HQ an Email to ask how things are going or perhaps your super lazy and just call DigiBizPro HQ instead, yep you can call them and chat to Jamie too!)

DigiBizPro Site Optimisation: Once your DigiBizPro site is up and running like I said the job is not done and Jamie gets to work actually making sure your DigiBizPro site is making you money every week and every month. Ill repeat, Jamie will make sure that your DigiBizPro site CONVERTS! That alone should set alarm bells ringing because if you remember before I told you Jamie himself makes over $100,000 on average every single month on one of his sites. Do you think his target is any less for your DigiBizPro sites? One thing you should know about Jamie is he takes his personal assistance very seriously and he will do everything to make sure your on online DigiBizPro business is making you REAL cash from the beginning.

Start Making DigiBizPro Money: Yes its the 5 step plan. From here as you know everything changes. The question is what would you do tomorrow if you knew you were making over $10,000 per month nearly on complete autopilot from your DigiBizPro site? Some would just quit work and begin living the easy life. Others would take the money and re-invest to make that $10,000 into $20,000 a month. You see what I am trying to say here is that from this point on the ball would be in your court. You could go on to make more DigiBizPro style websites, make your existing DigiBizPro site bigger, start other projects or indeed simply stop at one money making DigiBizPro site and just totally relax. Jamie Lewis will take you to those gates, at that point you will need to decide exactly what you want to do.

Are you amazed yet? This is something that simply blew me away, because with DigiBizPro you dont need to worry about anything including outsourcing. Everything is taken care of by Jamie and his DigiBizPro team and in return you get a complete multimedia driven DigiBizPro website which is making money guaranteed! Where in the world can you get something like that? This is why I have no DigiBizPro e-book chapters to tell you about or DigiBizPro video titles, this is a REAL living, breathing service with REAL DigiBizPro Personal Assistance by Jamie Lewis himself.

So What Will The DigiBizPro Sites Look Like and What Else Do I Get In DigiBizPro?

Wow, your a tough crowd to please but fair enough I can understand you don’t want a basic DigiBizPro website that a 2 year old can throw up. This is where DigiBizPro takes a step back from all and any of its competitors (to be fair it has none as I have been saying previously nothing I have ever seen is quite like this!) and actually shines brighter than before. You see, your in luck because not only does Jamie know how to create mega converting nice DigiBizPro sites that create tons of money every month but he is also a graphic designer by trade. What does this mean? Well if you have seen any of Jamie’s other websites you will know that he has an eye for detail and he specialises in Multimedia based websites. The type of websites you can expect are of the quality of the sample pics shown below and even better:

He does not accept 2nd best, he wont stop till each DigiBizPro site is fully optimised with whatever the particular niche requires, so for example if you choose to have a DigiBizPro health website promoting get fit products he will make sure that all the site including all the multimedia aspects such as video, pictures and music are fully optimised for your niche. That’s right you will get a full DigiBizPro multimedia site packed with content, not some second rate site with just a few pages. These DigiBizPro sites are proven to convert and that’s exactly what you get! If you have ever even tried to get a site like this created you would know how much time these DigiBizPro sites take to create let alone the crazy cost to create, edit and publish the videos and other content. This CRAZY guy literally is going to custom-make you a 100% AUTOMATED internet business that is GUARANTEED to work. But it hardly stops there because Jamie never one to do things in halves also provides all the resources to grow your sites in Digibizpro including:

Creating buzz on forums for your niche DigiBizPro site

Search marketing PPC and SEO for your DigiBizPro site

Affiliate recruitment / joint venturing the easy way for your DigiBizPro

Offline database of how to get traffic for your DigiBizPro site

Conversion optimization and how to do this automatically within your DigiBizPro setup.

Outsourcing and systematization for your DigiBizPro site.

How to sell your DigiBizPro sites on eBay and other big business brokers

So, Is DigiBizPro A Scam? And Why Am I Concerned about DigiBizPro?

After seeing all of this you cant still believe that DigiBizPro is a scam. To be honest before I lay eyes on what DigiBizPro was all about and before I was allowed to review the DigiBizPro service I really never thought any marketer would be insane enough to provide this amount of value or actual effort. Thats why I automatically assumed in my head that DigiBizPro could possibly be a scam. After seeing what Jamie is providing in DigiBizPro I am really just stunned. Lets imagine for a minute that you were going to try and do all this by yourself. What problems would you be up against in creating a DigiBizPro style site? A real internet business with the hassles of creating a product and website are INSANELY time-consuming. These include the problems you would encounter such as:

Web Design: Lets be honest not many of us can really create a good looking affiliate driven multimedia website like in DigiBizPro without having key programming skills including knowledge of Java, HTML and other languages that you really would need to spend ages learning. These geek skills are something that you would need to spend time perfecting, even if you were up to the task of learning, the question is how long would this take you? Would you be happy to wait till you can create something of the quality and stylistic finish that DigiBizPro provides for today’s websites? I really doubt it!

Graphics: Lets be blunt unless your a good graphics designer forget it, let alone the $1000′s you would need to purchase the relevant software and hardware to produce the relevant high quality art required in today’s websites provided in DigiBizPro. As an example ever check out the cost of Adobe Creative Suite? Yes its over $1700 and that’s just one item you would need, do you even know how to use the software or hardware needed?

Writing Work: Good copy-writing skills is something you either have or you don’t. You can try and learn but good luck with that. So lets be honest you would need to employ someone to give you the best fighting chance of converting. The minimum you would be paying for someone like that is $1500 for one good converting page!! What about the emails copy-writing? The promotional copy-writing? You can see where I am going with this. Big bucks required all around yet all provided in DigiBizPro.

Product Setup: Lets just say that you somehow magically manage to sort out all the above 3 points. Any idea how to set them all up within the niche market? What works well? What standard is required? What would convert? I’ll let you in on a little secret: this is the hardest part of them all. Its the special sauce that makes everything work and is provided in DigiBizPro!

Customer Service & Fulfilment: Any idea what product support, customer service teams, email support, tech support, phone support and several other aspects of the fulfilment systems required cost to set up and maintain? Who would do this for you? How do you even set one up? Its all taken care of in DigiBizPro.

Market Research: Ever spend time trying to do market research and just give up? Lets not forget keyword research too while we are at it. Most get this so wrong that they are doomed before they even begin. Think how much money you would lose if you did manage to set up all the above steps but chose the wrong niche and wrong product? That would an amazing disaster and yet people do it every day and live to regret it. This is what makes or breaks an online business full stop yet is provided in DigiBizPro.

Lots of Upfront Investment: Yes the final bit of the puzzle. You need hard cash to make all of this actually work, let alone putting all the system in place, keeping accounts of everything and allowing for over-runs (never heard of that before? every pay for your house to be painted and get quoted one price, but then half way through be told its going to cost double the initial estimate? now you know what I mean!). Not required for DigiBizPro all accounting taken care of.

So, how does DigiBizPro solve these problems?

DigiBizPro puts you in the DRIVING SEAT and in the position to choose a professionally designed website from over twenty niches. This is not your common basic mini sites developed by a 10 year old high school student. Jamie guarantees to get you set up with customised original hot DigiBizPro content that is created, edited and produced by his own expert DigiBizPro team of content writers/copy-writers,web design programmers and designers. Yes, you get access to his own DigiBizPro team that makes his websites for him. This means your online business is set to explode and start converting literally from day 1!

He’s going to DO IT 100% FOR YOU until this thing makes you serious, serious money perpetually. Yes Jamie will make sure everything is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU, but he also takes care of it for you onwards so you are guaranteed profitable DigiBizPro site. He pays for all of it for you AND sets it up so it RUNS like an automatic engine without hassles EVER. That’s whats known as an Autopilot income. Oh and the best part, it should be set up in anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks! That means you will have your DigiBizPro site making money for you before Christmas if you were quick enough to get in straight away! How awesome would that be?

The DigiBizPro Business Model Jamie is using to build your sites with DigiBizPro is unique in that its a proven model for success. Since its an affiliate driven business you become a PRODUCT OWNER over night which gives you power unlike anything you have experienced before. You own the DigiBizPro product and you therefore get other people (affiliates) to work for you and get sales for you. This is the single most powerful business model online. There is a reason people try and fail to do this, and its related to 3 main things: knowledge of the market, time & resources and finally pure hard cash. If you dont have these 3 essential ingredients then you cant make this business work. All of this is being given to you on a plate with DigiBizPro, what more could one ask for!

Outsourcing? With DigiBizPro you don’t have to even think about this. All this is taken care for you, and its done way better than anything you could outsource yourself. Thats because the DigiBizPro team Jamie has assembled for DigiBizPro are some of the best and brightest in the business. They have to be if they are creating his own sites too right? He would never use 2nd rate content or designs on his site and he wont for you either. And all of this for NO EFFORT on your part, not a single bit!

So what is my concern? Well put bluntly this MAD-Max type man Jamie is basically going to custom-make you a 100% automated DigiBizPro internet business that is GUARANTEED to work. Apart from wishing I knew him 2 years ago when I 1st started out in Internet marketing, all I can say is that DigiBizPro cant last. What I mean is, something so good cant be around for ever. Its just too much value. Imagine being able to create a business through an expert without doing anything and having it make money for you. This would change peoples lives. I am just worried that lots of people will be disappointed because I am very sure, infact I am certain because I asked but Jamie can only allow a certain small number of people into DigiBizPro.

Think about it? His DigiBizPro team is only so big. Yes, he has a massive DigiBizPro team of talent that will sort out your DigiBizPro websites and set it up but your forgetting one BIG thing! Jamie is offering above all PERSONAL ASSISTANCE. Do you know what that means? That means he is going to be in constant contact with you, and will be available to you all the time. This is personal coaching taken to the next level. Jamie is happy to work with you in fact he wants to coach you until you succeed. I just feel as one man he will only be able to do so much before he has to close the DigiBizPro doors especially as he would be helping so many people realise a life long dream to quit their jobs, and help their families have a better life.

Its true though what they say, and what goes around comes around. Thats what Jamie believes and from what I have heard he actually wants to help people achieve the success through DigiBizPro that has allowed him to be financially free and live the life he wants to live. I believe with DigiBizPro its his small way of giving back what he has received. I guess there is only so many millions you can make till it does not matter any more, how many Ferraris can one man buy?

My other minor concern with DigiBizPro is that people just do not realise what they are getting in this DigiBizPro package. People really would bite off a hand to have a fully running online business like DigiBizPro provides which makes a regular income. Ever hear the idea that if you get things too easily then you dont know the value of it truly. Well thats what this DigiBizPro package feels like. You are being given everything on a DigiBizPro “golden” plate. Thats gonna make some of us marketers who have had it much harder look up and take notice. Even if you have been in the game for a while without success or if you are a complete Newbie I would certainly still take the time to learn the business your getting into and respect it as such. You need to know what market research actually is, how to do it for DigiBizPro. You need to know good SEO skills and how to apply it to DigiBizPro. You need to know how to use PPC and other promotion techniques for DigiBizPro. You must know all the basics of how to run your DigiBizPro business, even though you don’t have to with DigiBizPro as its all done for you I would suggest you understand what “YOUR” DigiBizPro business entails. For this reason my DigiBizPro Bonus Package addresses this issue head on. It is a complete DigiBizPro bonus package that if you even look over you will get a good grounding in what you need to know. That way even as a newbie you could talk with others about their DigiBizPro business with some knowledge. I am also throwing in the most amazing DigiBizPro bonus ever for a launch like this, for more details visit my DigiBizPro Bonus page and don’t forget to purchase DigiBizPro through me to receive it all.

DigiBizPro: The Bottom Line

As you can see this DigiBizPro review has taken me a lot of time to complete. The main reason is because as I have stated several times before in this Digibizpro review, I have never seen a service/product like the one Jamie is rolling out on the 27th October. Am I impressed? Do I sound like I am? Well, yes I am very impressed with what Jamie has managed to do in DigiBizPro and I am already really looking forward to hearing the success stories from this DigiBizPro launch.

I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot about how DigiBizPro revolutionised the Internet marketing industry with its ground breaking product in late 2009. It’s literally taking Internet Marketing to a new level just when it needed it most. No more random 100 page e-books, or tons of video content with no heads or tails to interpret. This is what the internet was made for, this is a REAL hands on Service with Real PERSONAL ASSISTANCE at every step of the way.

If you are looking to truly make an online living and to be able to be financially stable, and secure. To be able to leave your job and support your family then you may have just stumbled upon the best and easiest way to make this a reality through DigiBizPro. 2010 is around the corner, the question I guess you need to ask yourself is how will you be spending yours? My recommendation is very clear. Make this your early Christmas present and I don’t think you will ever look back again! It will certainly then be a DigiBizPro New Year!

Thank you for reading my DigiBizPro review, I hope you enjoyed it and that it turns out to be helpful

Talk Soon,

Rylan Clayne

Further Resources

Enhance your DigiBiz and Your Credibility With article marketing A key element of a successful DigiBiz is having the ability to offer yourself or your company as an expert in your personal field or niche. If you’ve got an online DigiBiz and wish to increase web traffic to your internet site, upping your sales and your credibility in your corner of the market, make bum marketing part of your online marketing strategy.

Article marketing online is a new application of a tried and tested promoting methodology as old as media themselves. For a while companies wanting to reach customers with information about their services and products have used written articles, distributed free to newspapers. This arrangement benefits all parties concerned the paper has extra content in its pages, while the DigiBiz can promote itself as an authoritative furnisher of its goods and services. For example, a law office could market itself by producing articles on the benefits of having an attorney draft your will and offer the article to the local paper. Article promoting online works the same way, providing content for publishers and another marketing tool for an advertiser.

To use article marketing as an element of your web marketing method, here are a few tips to consider :

one. Stay on subject a standard mistake in article marketing is for the writer or writers to go past the subjects relevant to the internet site for which they are writing. Remember, this is a DigiBiz tool! Manufacturing articles on subjects that are only a little related, or even not related, to the key subject ( s ) will water down your credibility as knowledgeable in your niche. Staying on the relevant topics also increases the likelihood of your articles being higher ranked in search engine results.

two. SEO understanding of search engine optimization and use good practices will help rank your content more highly in search site results. When you begin writing your articles, ask yourself what keywords, phrases, or keyphrases folks are likely to enter on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine and incorporate those terms into your content. You can , however , have too much of a good thing. Use good search phrases and phrases, but their uses should not be forced, as doing so dilutes the quality of your article. Using appropriate keyphrases is important, but producing a well-written pro article is supreme.

three. Proofread, Edit and Revise An old saw about writing holds that there is no writing, but only re-writing. Don’t make the mistake of novice article marketers ; that is, to sacrifice quality of articles to their volume. There’s enough badly written web content out there without adding to it. Quality, pro content means concentrating to details. This means reading, rereading, editing and proofreading. One thing more do not trust your PC’s spell checker to find all your mistakes.

four. Be educational, But Concise you could have a wealth of knowledge on the niche that your DigiBiz serves, but articles featuring lengthy blocks of text that require extensive scrolling on screen are all but guaranteed to shock away readers, also known as your future customers. Articles in the 400- to 800-word range are a helpful guideline. Remember to reinforce readability by employing such graphical techniques as subheadings and bullet lists.

The number one most nerve-wrangling part of starting an online business is the horror of getting conned by a reputedly loyal company. Manifestly cons are an issue because they thieve your money without providing the product you were “promised”. Further, they scouse borrow your dreams and hopes of independence and financial security. Lives are devastated and futures ruined. Fortunately , I have helpful pointers on how to start a successful online business while avoiding scams.

Do Your Research

Paying somebody for their assistance in beginning a web business enterprise is a way to grow into the sector of online revenue. Alas, there are many folk out there claiming to have easy, turnkey companies you can start now. They claim you’ll make tons of money without practicing or knowing anything. Glaringly you want to acknowledge something about on-line commerce to be successful so stick with these base regulations to protect yourself :

RULE 1 = If it seems too good to Be True, It probably Is!

RULE 2 = Explore The Company prior to signing Up And Commit!

RULE 3 = Ensure you Understand The Business Concern they’re Trading!

RULE 4 = Learn about Different Types Of web crime and How Those Systems Played Out!

When you get hold of a commercial enterprise that looks great and passes these conventions still be on sentry duty. Even if the commercial enterprise seems to be on the up-and-up, con artists have wasted years honing their craft, while you have only begun your Internet business excitement. Now I don’t need to deter you from watching over this new way to your aspirations. I just need you to ride defensively through the web road by following these simple steps :

STEP 1 = Pay EXCLUSIVELY by card On Safe Sites.

STEP 2 = Have A Complete List of Prices involved with the online Business Package.

STEP 3 = ensure the Business Has A trial period and refund.

If The Unthinkable Materializes And You Do Become A Dupe of Fraud

If you do get the bad luck of being a crime dupe contact Law Enforcement in your area. They can aid you fight back against the fraud. But , make sure you salvage everything : e-mail, contacts, web-page, addresses, and any other communicating you have had with your aggressor in an email folder. It’s also a great idea to make a hard copy backup of everything to stave off electronic screw ups. That way if you’re tricked you can speedily transmit information to the authorities so these people can be arrested.

I know there are numerous proved Internet enterprises that work. Just watch out and follow these easy steps to ensure your at home online business enterprise is booming and you are gaining advise from proven experts, not just short-lived trick artists.

Many corporations spam their clientele and folk, but corporations that publicize thru spamming techniques aren’t following the Internet marketing principals that would best market their products. One of the biggest beefs that folks have about the Internet is spam, and they ignore anything that looks even remotely spammy. A vital means of reaching folks thru the Net is usually done thru target selling. This is the assumption rather than spamming 100 folks and praying that 2 like your product, you concentrate on people and online groups who are inquisitive about similar services or goods. It’s correct that by doing this you’ll significantly decrease the quantity of exposure you get, but this also means that you’ll cut back the amount of bad press you get also.

All the individuals that you sent e-mail adverts to that were not inquisitive about your product are going to believe that your company is just one of those fly by night spamming operations. Even if you are not, it will not change the way in which they think about your product and their perception of your business practices. if you can target your selling ideas on groups of folk, who you know have an interest in similar things, then you raise your chance of having good corresponding sales figures. principles of internet marketing aren’t that different to the other method of promoting something. One of the more critical rules is to grasp what folks will pay for your product. Too many times folk don’t correctly guess the value of their service or product. The 1st time many of us see an advert or commercial, they form an opinion of what’s being sold.

If they see something that they think is priced too low, they would decide that it’s made with lower quality parts and decide they do not want to get it.

If they believe it’s priced too highly then they may think it out of their price range and discount it straight away. This is the reason why it’s never a bad idea to look round online at what your competition could be charging for similar products.

The idea behind this is to get your price barely lower than what they are charging ; so that folks think they are getting a fair deal on something.

Naturally, ensure that it isn’t so good of a deal that they start wondering about quality. If you’re still having issues pricing your items, then you might go to a notice board and see whether there are any consultations that might give you an idea of what people are prepared to pay. Many times this is the sort of research that massive PR firms do for their clientele. Don’t forget to keep everything you do as pro as practical and do not be too in your face. You should not have an issue learning the way to safely and easily promote your company, particularly if you put these principles of internet marketing into action.

Can you really just copy someone and profit from their campaigns. Are you like me and cant seem to follow things written down and need hands on experience before you learn? Well Copynprofit by Jamie Lewis is what they call a cut’n'paste profit system the idea is they supply you with some pre prepared adwords and organic associate campaigns that are proved to be moneymaking in diverse different markets. You then follow the detailed plans and help files supplied with the system and begin to profit imeadeatly this all sounds good but is this actually possible? Or is Copynprofit a scam I wished to find out so went to there internet site and purchased myself a copy of Copynprofit. When I got Copynprofit and the bonus I have to point out I was nicely stunned having had been pretty distrustful from the outset.

As a cut and paste cash making system sounds a bit to good to be true.. The reality is I have made a few greenbacks using some of there campaigns and organic strategies. So let me show you how Copynprofit system really works!

* Pick one of the 37 ready to go campaigns that are available in the members area, each ppc Campaign includes Sample Announcements and Keywords a method video as well as full product details and benefits Promotion instructions are also included.

* Copy the niche campaign that you need to use into your selected ppc account run the campaign according to the detailed settings cited.

* Use the exclusive ad creator software provided in the members area to further change and expand your already profit-making campaigns!

* begin to implement free organic traffic for your campaigns using the vast quantity of different fast track article and web site promotion methodologies debated in the ten tutorial videos that come with the package. I am rather good at web site and article promotion so I was terribly impressed that there were a few gold nuggets that I had not thought of myself.

The pdf book that comes with system is pretty little only seventeen pages and I’d say it might have been a bit more detailed in some places but while it is little it dose cover the following ten areas : one. New to affiliate marketing? Two. Getting started with Copynprofit three. The Doubling Your Money Pay per click ROI Formula four.

Scaling out your keywords in PPC five. The Game of Google’s Quality Score six. Making Uber prime quality Scores seven. Continued Profits On PPC eight. The PPC Cannon trick nine. Sorting out your campaigns 10.

Article promotion Well that is about it aside from the hype salesleter and graphics Copynprofit has ended up preforming pretty nicely for me and if you’d like to take some of the heavy lifting out of niche research and get some truly hot ready to be used ppc campaigns then I would give it a spin and try Copynprofit.

E-Commerce can be VERY complicated. To supply a top flight client experience, shops must contain engineerings and functionality that surpasses growing buyer expectations. This can lead many to feel overwhelmed and often come down with a case of information overload.

On the flip side, yet, internet site basic principles still play a particularly huge role in converting visitants into customers. Some outlets surprisingly lose sight of these internet site fundamentals and forget important gross sales on the board. This short examines four quick fundamentals every eCommerce manager can’t afford to lose sight of. Analysis paralysis is the term used to describe people stuck in this middle ground between knowing so much information that they dont know what to follow. Usually at this point people either give up due to information overload or simply do too much and then give up due to exhaustion combined with information overload syndrome. Business brokers can help in situations like this for plenty of reasons including the primary reason that they have seen and done it all before.

Remember Fast

Velocity has turned less of an issue due to the incursion of broadband, but do not lose sight that a significant figure of individuals nevertheless patronize by a dialup connection. When making a site framework, designers and ecommerce teams should make sure that the web site is formulated with pages loading in fewer than 9 seconds ( done with a dial-up connection ).  When creating pages for others to read once should remember the maxim less is more. Just like the information overload that can arise from too much information and strategies being followed this information overload can also equally be applied to those visiting your site. You dont want to bombard them with so many details that they cannot make up their mind what to do.

Business brokers recommend page size is within 60-70k in bytes. At that measure, internet sites will possibly load within the maximal expect time of 9 seconds. Online retailers should invalidate flash at all costs within their transactional place. Flash’s creative views may facilitate you build a brandmark comportment but it’ll likely lose potential customers before they have even searched within your store.  Business brokers know what works since they have sites and businesses that have been running through such problems before and have ready made solutions. In the past they may themselves have suffered from information overload but have left no stone unturned in trying to find there way back making millions in the process, targeted traffic and learning the tricks of the trade.

Image is vital

Images are a really important aspect of merchandising online and are often neglected. All product images should be of the fullest resolution attainable be much larger than the product page original, and have two-fold perspectives. Dynamic imaging capacities can better the user experience to an even soaring level by increasing interactivity ( zoom & rotate ). At a marginal shops should have at least two additional perspectives outside of the merchandise page image to help make emotion. Business brokers are specialised in branding themselves and therefore becoming a commodity in themselves. There brand is their name and they guard it well. Again information overload even in terms of merchandising is a serious problem for many.

Be my guest

Shoppers don’t like being forced to do anything, particularly when they are prepared to open their wallets. Causing a purchaser to record on your website ahead of purchasing is a true way to ram a portion of your traffic to the competition. Too often, customers do not have the time or the inclination to complete a prolonged form explaining what kinds of info they desire. Shoppers should never be given a whole lot of information in one go rather you should subtly guide them to make their choice and aid them in this decision. Business brokers know this too well and have made millions by spending millions on studying the purchasing habits of clients, customers and service users. You should certainly use a business brokers experience to your advantage.

Constantly provide the ability to checkout as a invitee. You will see less customer seepage inside the check-out procedure action and can nevertheless tender the option to file when the sale is realised.

Make sure it’s higher up the fold

Your home page is the most important page in your E-Commerce store. It sets the first spirit for the shopping experience and tenders your hottest publicities and products to your visitors. Users generally visually run down a web page from topmost to bottom and then from left to right. All urgent substance and navigation selections should be plain to the customer with no need to scroll down. Remember that if you suffer from information overload its very possible you will not be able to provide the customer service you should. You must listen to your business brokers who have experienced all aspects of your business during this growing phase and have possibly even suffered from information overload but have been able to overcome this and you should learn from there example if you would like to do the same. If you have your best promotions beneath the fold you can bet that a significant proportion of web browsers aren’t scrolling down to see it.

Link popularity is the total number of sites that link to your website. Link popularity can significantly ramp up traffic to your internet site. The possibilities are endless. Well placed links are a superb source of consistent and centered traffic. And due to up to date developments, they even generate further search website traffic to your website. The main search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, inflating the amount of quality, applicable sites which link to your website can really improve your search engine positions. There’s still nobody “secret trick” to getting good rankings, but raising your site’s recognition may give it the edge it wants. Knowing who links to your internet site and augmenting the amount of quality links is a very important part of any website promotion effort. This free service permits you to question Google, Yahoo, and MSN and reports on link popularity. Once more you need to know the possibilities are limitless.

Link popularity check is one of the finest methods to quantifiable and independently measure your site’s online awareness and overall visibility. In layman’s terms link popularity refers back to the total number of links or “votes” a search site has found for your site. Digibizpro has designed this link popularity tool to help web site owners find out who is linking to their site, but also to give a helpful baselining report to quickly show where you stand compared to rivals and other major online players. All that you need to understand about Link research & Link Popularity Link Popularity FAQ what’s link Popularity? Link popularity is a general illustration of the total number of webpages which link to a site ( or individual net page ). Almost all of the leading search engines support the “link:” operator. Type in link: ( without the quotation marks ) in front of the URL about which you would like to learn.

What does this specific tool do? This specific tool will question all of the leading search engines ( Google, Yahoo, and MSN ) when you enter the link: operator with your selected URL. It’ll return the total link count for each URL. You’ll notice the totals alter significantly from search site to search website ; the reason is because the figures shown represent the quantity of inbound links that are known to that search engine ( that will alter based mostly on the dimensions of their database ). Almost all of the search engines ( Google particularly ) also apply varied filters against the inbound links ; some inbound-links would possibly not be counted toward the total. As discussed before the possibilities are unlimited.

Why is link popularity important?

Link popularity is critical because it’s a significant factor utilized by search engines in figuring out a site’s position in search results. Often , a site with extra inbound links will be positioned higher than a similar site with less links. Other things that are regarded as include anchor text. You must realize the possibilities are unlimited if you utilise the tools correctly and inside context.

Here are some concepts for helpful information you can gather using the Link Popularity tool : one. Total number of pages in each search engines index that contains a link to your website, including your own site. The possibilities are endless.

2. Flick thru the sites that are linking to you. This gives you a view of the volume and quality of pages linking to you.

It’s another way to view the sites that might be referring traffic to you. You can understand the areas of your website that are performing well. You will also be ready to strategize techniques to enhance your reach and performance by knowing your audience.

Three. How are your competition performing in search engines? You can glance at the sites that are linking to them to comprehend the places you must enhance your visibility.

This specific tool shouldn’t be used to :

1. Establish the buck ( $$ ) cost of an internet site domain name. This particular tool is simply provided as a convenience and the user should take note that not all Links are equal in the eyes of the search engines. Simply because one site has more links than another doesn’t mean that it is a better site or always more favored. But the tool can check the link popularity to make a basic judgement.

2. Unduly track link popularity values. Measuring your link popularity values once every month is more than needed. Checking daily or weekly isn’t a good use of your time. Instead, go create some new content that your visitors would get advantages from.

Suspicious activity will, at our discreetness, result in limited access to our tools. You need to realize by this time that with link popularity tools the possibilities are endless.

Indeed, you’ve got wind a couple of things about Search Engine Optomisation and at present you try to learn some to a greater extent about what Search Engine Optomizing actually is and what your destinations really are. Well, your principal two goals in Search Engine Optomization are to increase your web sites position in the search engine rankings pages (SERP’s) and increment website traffic. Google Pagerank comprises how crucial your internet site is likened to all the other websites and therefore its search engine ranking and Alexa Rank is how many another visitors your site gets re all other internet sites online. You are aiming to get a higher Google Pagerank (ordinarily refered to as PR) and a low Alexa Rank. What taking a look at these 2 valued components does is present you some thought of how well, or how badly, your website is doing compared to all of the web sites. Lets explore these 2 rankings in a little more detail.

What is Google Pagerank?

The co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, describe Google PR as a tool engineered to place an internet site that is listed in the Google search index and its relation to search engine rankings. A Pagerank of a web page is given on a scale of 0-10. Zero is the bottom achievable score for a site and conversely a ten is the highest score possible . A high Pagerank is defined by the amount, significance (PageRank) and relevance of web pages that link up to the web page in question . When a web page tie-in to another webpage, Google interpret that to be a ballot for the page in question and thus of some importance. There is a formula connected to how PageRank is figured out for search engine rankings but for the needs of this article it is overly indepth, but if you’re inquisitive about the theory behind PageRank then a quick search on Google will supply fruitful.

What is Alexa Rank?

The Alexa Rank is dissimilar to Google PageRank ; Alexa rank web sites based solely on traffic to the website. Alexa place internet sites in dropping order towards 0, where the most extremely visited site on the internet is established a place of 0. This does not tally with how the search engine rankings are calculated. At that point in time the top 3 ranked internet sites ( most visitors ) on Alexa are, zero – Google, one – Facebook and 2 – Yahoo. Corresponding to Alexa these 3 sites get the maximum traffic online. Alexa Rankings alter from 1 to a bn.. Every website in the world is embedded in the Alexa Rank, so the scale of measurement on your Alexa ranking is continually changing in relation to other internet sites on the web. So Alexa is just as important from an internet marketing perspective but does not affect search engine rankings directly

Firstly, what’s an ezines? An ezines is just an electronic mag or newsletter sent out intermittently to a catalogue of Choose In customers. Opt in means they have willingly signed-up to get your ezines and weren’t added to the list without their information or authorization. This is one of the explanations ezines publishing is a valuable selling tool for your business. Your customers have given their agree to receive reports, promotions, advertisements, suggestions, and so on.

From you! You can also earn a major income from selling advertising space in your established ezines.

Ezines publishing and building an internet business are an ideal opportunity for many of us to build an outstanding revenue from home. If you’re a stay at home Ma , selling an ezines might be a concept that would solve plenty of your issues like kid care, additional revenue, the facility to stay at home and look after your house and family. This is something that may worked around your folks’s schedule and could be a satisfying and rewarding career! Having a business online is dissimilar than having a normal selling or sales business. When you operate a business from a store, one of the normal methods of creating relations with your clients is the meet and greet methodology. You greet your clients in the shop and talk to them a bit and this helps build trust and set yourself up with the purchaser. However, on the Net, this methodology must be done totally different.

If you have got a web site thru which you sell products of any sort, you need to find how to build relations with your future clients. One of the most effective methods of doing this online is by publishing and promoting your own ezine or newsletter. Thru your ezine you can keep your clients informed of any fresh products or info on your internet site. By doing this you keep prospects returning to your website. What you need to do with your ezine is create a trust relationship with your readers. You would like them to begin to know you and learn that they can trust you and your suggestions. Be there for them if they have questions, if they need recommendation, or support, or if they just desire to chat with somebody who has more experience. Your ezine is much more than an advert for your business. It’s a bond between you and your readers.

Treat it as such! Ezines publishing and promotiong is a large amount of work, but the rewards are definitely worth it. You build relations with your customers, other publishers and writers.

Publishing and promoting your own ezine gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. These benefits and the unlimited chances for revenue, make all of the effort worth it.

An opt in email list full of hungry subscribers are the soul and spirit of any internet business existence. But how does one build it so the customers will reply to every offer that you introduce them? First, we’re going to take a glance at what makes an internet business and the systems of getting hungry customers into your opt in email list.

Each internet business provides great service to generate satisfaction among their clients. As every buyer receives satisfaction over their products or the services they get, there’s a great probability that they’re going to become a return shopper and buy again. Better yet, they can advocate you to other folks that might generate more business for you and your internet site through opt in email list.

As more traffic is driven to your website, you can lure most of them to sign up for your contact list or opt in email list. This is a list where in web site visitors agree to be despatched promotional materials like newsletters, catalogues and such that would keep them updated about your internet site or the niche of your website. These promotional materials are sent through email to the members of the list in different time intervals. When using email as the media of your promoting and ads, you eliminate the necessity for raised costs. E-mail is free and if you can manage to make your own promotional adverts you may save a bundle there.

With an opt-in email list customers list, you are fairly sure that what you are sending out is received, viewed and read by the customers and not just being removed. They have signed up to service and have consented in receiving it. This suggests that there are steady reminders to your customers about all of your products, new services and products as well as any promotions and special deals you are having. There’s also the possibility that they can be forwarded to other future clients as they tell their chums and families about you and your internet site. Naturally you should be also aware a customer may unsubscribe when they think that they aren’t getting what they desire or expected. Ensure that they are pleased with your opt-in email list selling techniques and keep them excited in receiving your newsletters and catalogues.

These are some tips that will help you build a catalogue of enthusiastic customers. Make your promotional materials fascinating and fun. Try and employ a small creativeness but not so over arty as your opt in email list will love this. Build around what your service or product is about. As an example ; if you’re selling car parts, put some photos of what’s new in the automobile parts world, a new wing door doubtless that can fit any auto and cause it to look like a Lamborghini. Try and research what folks are searching for, these way, you stay one jump ahead of all of them the time and you may be their bearer of new tidings.

They’ll be keen to get what you are sending them because they new you mostly have fresh and new things to share with them. Write good articles that may be awfully educational but light at the same time. If your customers enjoy your articles, they’re going to go to your website by clicking the links that you are going to be putting on your magazine to read some more. You can provide articles that may connect to several folk. Be various in your articles. Put something funny, then put something educational as an email opt in list will always like to laugh at it self when it can, then put something that has both.

Selling your growing businesses for the highest price is the results of years of dedication and persistence. Finding buyers for your business sale can be tricky if you are not in a hot industry or lack unsolicited offers. A choice to get access to a bigger pool of buyers is to think about a business brokers.

What’s a Business Brokers? A business broker has similarities to an estate agent. Business brokers give the match making service of combining buyers and sellers of firms. The right business broker can help your SOHO to achieve the maximum greenback value.

Consider these tips to find the best business broker :

*Finding a Business Brokers Get Referrals : One best practice is to always get a referral from a reliable source. Ask your accountant, counsel, peers, and industry organisation for names of good business brokers.

*Check IBBA : The World Business Brokers organisation ( IBBA ) is a non-profit “trade organisation of business brokers providing education, meetings, professional designations and networking opportunities. IBBA has over 1300 members and offers a pro authentication process.

*Practice due research : Just as a possible buyer of your company will exercise required research so should you. Inspect your broker’s background, experience, and certifications. Are there any legal actions or grumbles against them? Check the Better Business Bureau. Analyze their references. Have they handled sales of your sort of business before?

*Find a Consultant : A business brokers who spends all their time selling firms will add more price to your sales exchange than a part time agent. A fulltime business brokers can not only bring in a network of contacts but has an experience of the rules of business valuation. Find someone that is devoted to the profession. If your company worth might be worth millions, consider alliance and purchase intermediaries.

*Keep a Secret : Avoid losing key staff and providers by keeping your business sale a secret. The selling of your SOHO is a very private matter. Your business broker should ensure all guarantees are established to guard your company.

*One word to your providers, workers, or shoppers that you’re selling the company can have repercussions on your business operations.

*Deliver a Marketing Plan : Selling your business is all about marketing. Correctly positioning the sale of your company to draw in and inspire as many buyers as possible should be your goal. Ensure your business brokers has a selling plan including details of advertising secrets to draw in a large range of prospective buyer leads.

*No Heavy Front Fee : A business brokers fee goes from ten to 15% commission of the sale cost of your company. Avoid any broker asking you for a massive, front-loaded charge to assess your business price or start an application process. Avoid the Pressure : Never permit your business brokers to put you in a pressure situation.

*Don’t make a rush call. The selling of your company is a complex exchange. Make the effort to learn and explain all doubts.

The right business brokers can help your growing businesses find a source of prospective customers and help in the sale of your company. Selling your business is a complex matter. Work with your team of pro counsels for the best results.

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