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Hey everyone, welcome to my Mobile Monopoly Review. As you know I have been preparing this Mobile Monopoly review for some time now and in many ways I really excited about Mobile Monopoly which is being released to the public on the 3rd August 2010 because as some of you may know that I myself recently started my own campaigns in mobile marketing. In this Mobile Monopoly review we are going to go through everything in fine detail so you can get an idea of who Adam Horwitz is (the creator of Mobile Monopoly), what exactly Mobile Monopoly contains as well as an in-depth look at the Mobile Monopoly product itself and what it can do for you. There are some points I think you should be aware about when it comes to Mobile Monopoly……and we will go into this in more detail below. Adam Horwitz granted me full access to Mobile Monopoly so you really are in for a cracking review. If your looking for the updated Mobile Monopoly 2 review then I have also taken the time to review this on one of my more recent posts.

So to start off with as is customary I wanted to show you proof that I do indeed have full access to Mobile Monopoly so here is the members welcome page:

Mobile Monopoly Proof Of Access
Now many people have contacted me asking me exactly what is Mobile Marketing and why is it becoming a new buzz word in the internet marketing community. I am going to really go through all these questions as part of my Mobile Monopoly review so you don’t have to worry at all. Just sit back, and read this Mobile Monopoly review in full to understand everything you need to know. I think the best place to start however is to take a brief look at the creator of Mobile Monopoly himself Adam Horwitz. Its always good to get a feel for the person behind the product and a brief bio on him will help you understand the reasoning behind Mobile Monopoly. So lets jump straight in and ask the question:

Who Is Adam Horwitz?

Mobile Monopoly Adam Horwitz

The most inspiring thing about Adam Horwitz has to be his age: at 20 he is making a full time income online and with several products under his belt already including the ‘Dude I Hate My Job’ blogging course teaching you how to set up profitable blogs as well as ‘Tycoon Cashflow’ which shows you exactly how Adam Horwitz actually makes money online using affiliate marketing combined with article marketing and PPC you can already get an idea of a young guy on a mission. A mission to earn money online and teach others how to do it too.

Adam started out in 10th grade when he had an idea to create a website telling other kids his age where the latest and best parties were being hosted in LA. I believe the site was called urbanstomp and to be honest from Adam’s own point of view it was a bit of a flop. That is because of the format itself which meant he would literally post up the addresses of the latest parties around town and then have several hundred people turn up. As you can imagine this was very annoying for the party organizers and meant Adam got into quite a bit of trouble. He did however manage to earn a meagre $2 or so every few days using Adsense and this made him even more committed to his goal of earning a living online.Mobile Monopoly Quick Start Guide 2

Adam has a great vibe about him and instead of giving up after having to close down urbanstomp he took what he learnt including how to set up websites using frontpage and adobe photoshop and started learning exactly how to make money online with affiliate marketing. He learnt how to use article marketing with PPC and believe it or not after a few un-succesful attempts he saw his 1st success selling chicken coops online. This was the beginning for him and since then he never looked back. In his tycoon cashflow course Adam decided he wanted to teach everyone else his exact method for success with PPC and affiliate marketing and thats exactly what he did.

His aim is to get you started making money online so that you dont have to look back! He has been really successful over the last few years and lately he got into mobile marketing and then created his 1st course ‘cell phone treasure’ which was a hit! Today Adam Horwitz is a young entrepreneur with a 6 figure business at age 20 and in releasing Mobile Monopoly Adam comes full circle with his mobile marketing training. He has developed an amazing system and that’s exactly what he wants to teach the world. I really like his main ethos which is to never give up and his general vibe which really helps others believe they can do it too. Think about it this way, if a 20 year old kid from California who is chilled out can do it then don’t you think you can make the effort to learn and copy him too? So that leads us on to our next question:

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Monopoly What Is Mobile Marketing?

This is the question many are asking and its a good question. Just what is Mobile Marketing? Well I have to admit when I 1st started out myself I had to ask the same question and its OK to not know when you start out. I am sorry if this gets a bit detailed but I did a whole bunch of research for my own purposes and I want you to fully realise what this area of marketing is about. Its very important you understand the scope of Mobile Marketing in order to understand Mobile Monopoly better.

Just like interactive marketing and print marketing mobile is a very individual and distinct way that online marketers can use to actually reach your target audience. In short Mobile Marketing is the use of cell phones as well as other wireless devices to market a brand, sell a product or indeed deliver a marketing message. So far it has been used to create huge opt in lists, increase brand awareness and even drive people to specific places or events. As part of a combined marketing strategy it is already very successful. Examples of Mobile marketing can include SMS Text messaging campaigns, Mobile web campaigns and even customised apps.

Mobile Monopoly Usage Statistics Internet Enabled Mobiles

For a moment just feast your eyes on these stats:

  • By 2012 there will be an estimated 10 trillion text messages sent worldwide!
  • 250+ million Americans actually carry a mobile phone which means over 80% of the population.
  • There will be over 5 Billion cell phone/mobile phone subscriptions before the end of 2010 – The population of the entire planet is just over 6.8 Billion. This means we are moving towards a stage where there will be a mobile device for every single living human – imagine the scale and scope of that!
  • The global mobile marketing advertising budget is estimated to be valued at over $16 Billion by 2011. This means that large companies are now starting to realise the importance of Mobile Marketing.
  • Even more importantly 4 out of every 5 teens carry a wireless device/mobile phone and over 57% consider it the the main key to their complete social lives! This means future generations are already getting used to the idea of wireless devices being a part of normal life!

Those stats on their own must make you start thinking of Mobile Marketing. Let me give you another stat that is just amazing. You already know there are close to 5 Billion cell phones but did you know that right now there are just 1.8 Billion internet users worldwide? That means as the internet fully integrates with mobile technology we will have a boom in internet – all coming from mobile devices! That is an amazing thought! Take a look at this graph from 2008 to get an idea of the perspective (back then there were just 3.3 billion cell phone users compared to 4.6 billion in 2010):

Mobile Monopoly Usage Statistics
Then you have to consider why huge companies like Google and Apple are actually investing so much time, energy and huge sums of money purchasing companies and resources to compete in the mobile advertizing arena. Google have already said that for the next 5 years Mobile is their main focus and to prove it just recently they spent $750 million purchasing Admob to give them a 30-40% share in the mobile advertizing market. Do you see where this is going? Why would Google be so interested in Mobile Marketing unless……they see a potential just like they did with PPC at the beginning of the century. This is why you really need to be aware of mobile marketing. Its simply the future of the internet as we know it and as internet marketers its going to have a huge impact on what we do.

Mobile Monopoly – What Do You Get?

So now that you know exactly what mobile marketing is and why its so important lets take an overview of what you get in Mobile Monopoly. You get the following:

Mobile Monopoly What Do You Get 110 Mobile Monopoly Modules With Over 50 Step-By Step Videos + Check Points For Each Module – That’s right Adam Horwitz does not do anything in halves and he really has over delivered here with Mobile Monopoly. You get the entire mobile monopoly course which is 10 modules big and has over 50 Mobile Monopoly videos going step by step through each and everything you need to do to get your mobile marketing campaigns up and running. The modules include Getting Started, The Ad Platforms and Pay Per Call amongst others.

Mobile Monopoly What Do You Get 2Mobile Monopoly Optimised Squeeze Page Training – You are taught exactly how to create high quality Mobile Monopoly style mobile optimised squeeze pages in these 3 videos.

Mobile Monopoly What Do You Get 3Mobile Monopoly Email Marketing Course – Combine your new found knowledge of mobile marketing in mobile monopoly with email marketing to make a real killing. Here Adam gives you 9 super information packed Mobile Monopoly videos showing you step by step how to set up your 1st campaign using autoresponders, the best Mobile Monopoly style copywriting methods and how to integrate it all with mobile marketing.

Mobile Monopoly What Do You Get 47 Step By Step Proven Mobile Monopoly Campaigns + 40 Additional Profitable Mobile Monopoly Campaigns – That’s right Adam actually shows you step by step through video 7 of his best earning Mobile Monopoly campaigns. He will show you which offer he uses, the way he sets up the offer and everything you need to know to make the campaign a success for you too. This is amazing stuff because you get to see exactly how to select Mobile Monopoly ‘approved’ good offers, and how you need to use this to market on mobile devices. It takes the guess work out of mobile marketing giving you working Mobile Monopoly campaigns to kick-start your earnings.

Mobile Monopoly What Do You Get 5Full Mobile Monopoly Outsourcing Course – Adam does not stop there. He also provides you with a full Mobile Monopoly outsourcing course so you can go ahead and outsource your mobile monopoly campaigns, and all the hard graft when setting up Mobile Monopoly campaigns. You get the Mobile Monopoly outsourcing manual, the outsourcing blueprint guide as well as the Mobile Monopoly outsourcing mind map. On top of this you learn step by step with video exactly how to hire people for your Mobile Monopoly outsourcing tasks.

Mobile Monopoly What Do You Get 6Mobile Monopoly BeastMobi: The Complete Mobile Marketing Software – This is the jewel in the crown of Mobile Monopoly. This Mobile Monopoly software will only be available to members of Mobile Monopoly and its a complete turnkey integrated solution for creating mobile optimized marketing campaigns. You will be able to use it to actually create very high converting CPA based offers, create lead gen campaigns and any other type of Mobile Monopoly marketing campaign for mobile phones. You will be able to produce mobile banners, SMS messages and much more straight from the Mobile Monopoly software. What is even cooler about BeastMobi is that you will be able to track all your Mobile Monopoly mobile marketing campaigns with full real-time statistics so that you can actually change campaigns and get higher conversions.

Mobile Monopoly What Do You Get 7Full Membership To Mobile Monopoly – Once you get into Mobile Monopoly you will find that its more like a membership site. That’s because Adam realises that Mobile Marketing just like PPC 10 years ago is a fast changing game and he wants to keep you updated in Mobile Monopoly with the latest innovations and changes that occur. That means you not only get the complete course and everything listed above but you also have access to every Mobile Monopoly update that Adam does. He plans on making Mobile Monopoly a great membership style site so you will be part of this wider community of Mobile Monopoly users with great support.

Mobile Monopoly Official Site

Mobile Monopoly – In-depth Review

You can already see that Adam Horwitz has put a lot of time and effort into creating Mobile Monopoly. But I know some of you must now be asking the following question:

Why you need Mobile Monopoly?

Mobile Monopoly Benefits 1Mobile Marketing Is The Future Of The Internet – Lets face it, if you read the stats I provided above one thing is clear. The internet as we know it wont be around for long. That’s because the way that people use the internet is changing. With wireless devices getting smaller people will begin interacting with the internet and using it in a very different way than the way its used today. Mobile internet is certainly the future and you have to consider your future in it. Are you just going to sit back and wait till its so late and your behind everyone else? Or will you take action today and try and beat the masses with Mobile Monopoly.

Mobile Monopoly Benefits 2Mobile Marketing Is The New PPC – If you remind yourself how people were back in the early 2000′s when they started off with PPC spending just cents on traffic then you will know what I am talking about. Nobody wants to tell you this: Mobile Marketing traffic is cheap! There is a reason for this and that’s because things are developing all the time in this field and right now nobody knows how much each ‘click’ on a mobile is really worth. What does this mean for you? It means you can join in and make yourself a mobile millionaire if you have the time and patience to test campaigns via mobile marketing. For many getting into mobile marketing sounds scary but if you remember PPC was the same way in its early days and let me tell you those that adopted PPC early were the real winners. As the years went by the only people to benefit from PPC in a big way were those with deep pockets. With Mobile Monopoly you have the opportunity to have a great introduction to Mobile Marketing and the chance to actually start at the very beginning with everyone else in this race! The big gurus wont tell you this but everyone is gearing up for Mobile Marketing – that’s because its a much bigger market. If you can become rich with the internet you could become super rich with mobile. Its that pure and simple really.

Mobile Monopoly Benefits 3Learn Exactly How To Create Profitable Mobile Campaigns – What is really great about what Adam is doing here with Mobile Monopoly is not only does he give you step by step Mobile Monopoly video training on every aspect of Mobile Marketing so you can get up to scratch fast but he also gives you his own proven Mobile Monopoly campaigns that work. Now some maybe sceptical about this but you would be seeing it the wrong way. Look lets be honest – CPA offers start and end all the time. New Clickbank products come and go. What Adam teaches you in Mobile Monopoly that is profitable today may not be in 6 months. But if you learn the technique he teaches in Mobile Monopoly, figure out the thinking process behind choosing successful Mobile Monopoly campaigns and are able to use what he shows you in Mobile Monopoly you will be able to create your own successful Mobile Monopoly campaigns within no time. He gives you all the training and these profitable campaigns so you can quick start. You should use them while you develop your own. Think of this like PPC for mobile phones. You don’t stop at one profitable campaign. You build your Mobile Monopoly campaigns over time and that’s exactly what you should do here too. Before you know it you will have your own set of 40 or more profitable Mobile Monopoly campaigns and you will be the one laughing all the way to the bank.

Mobile Monopoly Benefits 4Step By Step Training In Every Aspect Of Mobile Marketing – Adam Horwitz has created over 50 info packed Mobile Monopoly videos on every aspect of Mobile Marketing. This is not fluff  or basic stuff but actual step by step Mobile Monopoly videos showing you what you need to do at each stage of the way. If you have seen his Mobile Monopoly prelaunch videos you will see what I mean. Adam has delivered the Mobile Monopoly course in video so you can see exactly what to do as he does it rather than reading some boring ebook on it.

Mobile Monopoly Benefits 5Access To Great Mobile Marketing Software – BeastMobi is quite simply a beast piece of Mobile Monopoly software for Mobile Marketing. It has so much packed into it that you would really need to go through everything line by line. What I can tell you is that Adam has spent literally $1000′s on its development to get it working just right for Mobile Monopoly and its what he uses in his own Mobile Monopoly campaigns. You need to understand that this is not some basic software you can grab anywhere. It was made specially for Adam and his own Mobile Monopoly style mobile marketing campaigns. AS you know right now not many people even have their heads around Mobile Marketing and very few would be willing to share their own home made software with you. This is probably one of the most valuable aspects of Mobile Monopoly because as a member you will get optional access to BeastMobi and everything that it can do.

Mobile Monopoly Benefits 6Mobile Monopoly Membership Is A Community – The great thing is Adam wants to develop Mobile Monopoly into a community of dedicated mobile marketers and he is going to be updating the site regularly. This means if you get in now not only do you learn step by step about mobile marketing but its future proofed too. That’s a great deal of value given in Mobile Monopoly for you since things do change so rapidly in the world of mobile marketing. Having this kind of support within Mobile Monopoly will be invaluable as you move into this arena.

In-depth View of What You Get In Mobile Monopoly

Mobile Monopoly Product View

So lets take a deeper look at what you get in each module of Mobile Monopoly:

Mobile Monopoly Module 1Mobile Monopoly Module 1 Getting Started – Just like the module title states you will learn exactly how to get started with Mobile Monopoly. This is a great intro to Mobile Marketing and sets you up for the rest of the Mobile Monopoly modules.

Mobile Monopoly Module 2Mobile Monopoly Module 2 The Method – Now that you have settled down Adam takes you through the exact Mobile Monopoly method he uses to make money with Mobile Marketing. This module sets the foundation for what is to follow and gives you the secret Mobile Monopoly formula he uses for success in mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Monopoly Module 3Mobile Monopoly Module 3 Ad Platforms – Now we start to get into the juicy details. There are over 10 Mobile Monopoly videos here packed with information on how you can easily advertise on millions of mobile phones. We take a look at several mobile advertising platforms including an actual view of each one and how to join. The mobile advertising platforms looked at include:

  • Admob
  • Adfonic
  • InMobi
  • Mojiva
  • iAd

Mobile Monopoly Module 4Mobile Monopoly Module 4 Why Go CPA – In this Mobile Monopoly module you get the low down on why CPA offers work so well with mobile marketing. You learn exactly how to find 1000′s of great offers to promote using the Mobile Monopoly strategies and how to easily be approved by CPA networks so you can start promoting rather than worrying about being accepted. At the end of this Mobile Monopoly module Adam shares a great method you can use to double your conversions fast!

Mobile Monopoly Module 5Mobile Monopoly Module 5 Clickbank Time – In this Mobile Monopoly module Adam shows you exactly how to leverage the power of email marketing with the 1000′s of products on offer in Clickbank to make a real killing. You will learn how to build huge email lists and how to use affiliate marketing to create a constant income flow with them. This Mobile Monopoly module really shows off the power of mobile marketing as a lead generation tool. If you are having trouble building huge lists you could use mobile marketing and the techniques shown in Mobile Monopoly to do this for you!

Mobile Monopoly Module 6Mobile Monopoly Module 6 Getting Physical – Adam does not stop at CPA and Clickbank products he actually shows you how to monetise your Mobile Monopoly mobile traffic with physical products too. With so many options you will be wanting to choose which way to optimise your traffic best but sometimes its more fruitful to use all 3 methods and Adam shows you exactly how to do this with mobile monopoly.

Mobile Monopoly Module 7Mobile Monopoly Module 7 Pay Per Call – Now we get into some very interesting advanced mobile marketing strategies and techniques in Mobile Monopoly. Adam shows you exactly how to use Pay Per Call and how to marry this with your affiliate marketing techniques to create a really monster way of creating an income online. Great Mobile Monopoly module here with lots of techniques that will have you really thinking ‘out of the box’.

Mobile Monopoly Module 8Mobile Monopoly Module 8  Local Biz – Mobile Monopoly will make you an expert in mobile marketing. So what would you do with this expertise? You can use it to advertise for local business. Imagine how much money you could make if you knew how to leverage the power of Mobile Marketing shown to you in Mobile Monopoly for promoting business in your local area. You could literally have hundreds of contracts with local business promoting all sorts of real world companies. Adam shows you how you can start down this route in Mobile Monopoly, how to find businesses and how to get them on board your Mobile Monopoly plan of action.

Mobile Monopoly Module 8Mobile Monopoly Module 9 Your Own App – Have you heard how crazy phone apps are right now? Well Adam is going to show you exactly how you can get involved with mobile applications in Mobile Monopoly and how you can make a killing! He will show you how to get into this hugely lucrative market. You learn how to create an app yourself and even how to outsource this to be created for you. What is even more interesting is how you can utilise your own Mobile Monopoly apps to create even more income for yourself by creating advertising within your Mobile Monopoly apps. A double whammy if you know how. Adam shows you everything in Mobile Monopoly.

Mobile Monopoly Module 10Mobile Monopoly Module 10 Wrapping Up – This Mobile Monopoly module really peps you up and gets things to click for you. Once you finish this Mobile Monopoly module you will be a true expert in Mobile Marketing and will be able to go out and start your 1st campaigns. You can copy exactly what Adam does in his own Mobile Monopoly campaigns and start making money straight away.

Mobile Monopoly Review Official Site

Who is Mobile Monopoly aimed at?

Mobile Monopoly Who Is It For 1Newbies Looking To Get Into Mobile Marketing – Lets face it a lot of newbies to internet marketing are looking for a way to start making money online. Mobile Monopoly shows you exactly how to get started with mobile marketing and what is really cool is you can copy exactly what Adam is doing himself with Mobile Monopoly to start making your own income. You will also be ahead of the curve as mobile marketing is about to get very big and you will already be an expert in the field with Mobile Monopoly. Adam has included a lot of extras that make this Mobile Monopoly course very attractive. Even if your a newbie you will be able to use email marketing and affiliate marketing techniques to start making money with Mobile Monopoly. You can then use this same information to start making money through ‘traditional’ sites too.

Mobile Monopoly Who Is It For 2Internet Marketing Old Hands Looking For The ‘Next Big Thing’ – Internet Marketing is very cut throat and if your already making a good income online I know  you will constantly be looking for ways to increase your income and get into the ‘next big thing’ before everyone else. Mobile Monopoly will give you the information you need to start making money with mobile marketing and will open up a whole new world of internet marketing for you. Things wont look the same once you incorporate the techniques shown in Mobile Monopoly to start your mobile marketing campaigns. You will have a whole new weapon in your internet marketing arsenal.

Mobile Monopoly Who Is It For 3Anyone Wanting To Leverage The Power Of Mobile Marketing To Build Huge Email Lists – The fact that you can use Mobile Monopoly as a way to grow your email lists amazingly fast should start making you very excited indeed. As a lead generation technique that is virtually untapped you could be creating your email lists very quickly using Mobile Monopoly which you could then monetise in so many ways including the use of CPA offers, Clickbank and even off-line real world businesses. The fact that Adam shows you exactly how to do this is an added bonus with Mobile Monopoly.

Are there any issues with Mobile Monopoly

I mentioned at the beginning of the Mobile Monopoly review that there were a few issues with Mobile Monopoly. Lets discuss them in a bit more detail here.

Now I know that Adam is giving you a truly transparent Mobile Monopoly system to start making money with mobile marketing but I also feel that for some this maybe misleading. Don’t get me wrong if you follow everything that Adam shows in Mobile Monopoly then its very possible you could be making money with mobile marketing very quickly. But I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. Mobile Monopoly is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You will have to work with Mobile Monopoly and do your own research.

Mobile Monopoly Bonus

What Adam really does in Mobile Monopoly is give you all the knowledge and tools to start making a killing with Mobile Monopoly. But that does not mean you can simply purchase Mobile Monopoly and think you will be able to start creating money making campaigns straight away. Just like with anything else online you will need to take the time to create good Mobile Monopoly campaigns and above all just like with PPC you will need to TEST! Yes testing will be a big part of your success with mobile marketing and this is no different if you were doing PPC. The difference is that mobile marketing really is the future and if you are able to learn how to use it properly with Mobile Monopoly techniques you can use this new way of marketing to really boost your online income very quickly. Adam gives you all the tools and knowledge to do this quickly in Mobile Monopoly however and if you follow his advice I have no doubt you can find success with Mobile Monopoly.

I feel that many will approach Mobile Monopoly not knowing much about other aspects of internet marketing that is why I am giving away a killer Mobile Monopoly bonus package that will really help you plug the gaps in your knowledge and also really utilise Mobile Monopoly properly. Check out exactly what I am talking about by visiting my mobile monopoly bonus page for more information. Combined with my bonuses Mobile Monopoly really is a no brainer!

Mobile Monopoly – The Bottom Line

If you were to take one thing away from my Mobile Monopoly review I hope it would be the importance of Mobile Marketing for the future of the internet. It really is not just a topic of something that ‘might’ happen but something that is happening behind the scenes a this very moment. All the signs are that in 5 years things will be massively different to the way they are today. It just depends on where you want to be with your online marketing in 5 years that will be the difference. Those who take advantage of the new technology today with Mobile Monopoly and start to learn how it works will be the winners of tomorrow. Nobody is saying the internet as we know it is completely dead. That’s not true either. I think the internet as we know it will stay on but we will have this mobile internet too, something that probably sits side by side our ‘traditional’ internet. So you will have 2 markets and you could be in both at the same time.

The fact is that there is no other course out there right now providing the amount of detailed information about mobile marketing that Mobile Monopoly does. What is even better is that it Adam Horwitz not only takes you by the hand in Mobile Monopoly and guides you through everything but also provides you with actual Mobile Monopoly campaigns he uses himself to have success with mobile marketing. As I mentioned above this is not a get rich quick card. You will have to test your own Mobile Monopoly campaigns and come up with your own strategies too. But he gives you exactly what is working today and the Mobile Monopoly tools to start making your own strategies and campaigns a success. With testing and a positive attitude to mobile marketing the sky really is the limit. Just look at the stats to confirm this. With over 5 billion cell phone users world wide mobile Mobile Monopoly Quick Start Guidemarketing is set to just get bigger and bigger.

If someone came to you 10 years ago and started talking about this new amazing online advertizing platform called ‘PPC’ marketing would you have listened to them? If they showed you exactly how to set up your own campaigns and start buying clicks would you take notice. Do you remember how cheap it was in the early days of PPC when a single click cost just a few cents. Well this is exactly what you have today with Mobile Marketing. This is the beginning of something very big and you are being invited by Adam Horwitz to be a part of it in Mobile Monopoly. After having gone through the entire Mobile Monopoly course I can tell you that I am really excited for the future and I myself will be using the techniques and strategies that Adam Horwitz teaches in Mobile Monopoly to grow my mobile marketing business. Now is your chance to jump into mobile marketing with Mobile Monopoly and start earning money with the most exciting market and techniques since the early days of the internet – the only question is: Are you ready to grab your slice of the mobile marketing pie? If you are then Mobile Monopoly will guide you all the way to mobile marketing success provided you take action!

I would like to thank you for reading my Mobile Monopoly review and I really hope you found it useful. I would like to remind you of my unique and very limited Mobile Monopoly Bonus package. I really love what Adam Horwitz has done with Mobile Monopoly and if you combine this with my own Mobile Monopoly Bonus package I am certain you will have great success. Check it out below right now as I don’t know how long I will be able to keep the bonus package open for its really that good:

Thanks again for reading my Mobile Monopoly review if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them below in the comments section,

Kindest Regards,

Rylan Clayne

Further Resources

Well its currently understood that a mobile monopoly review will help you decide if Mobile Monopoly is a product that would be suited to you. The fact is the mobile internet market is about to go apes, with over 3 times the amount of users for mobile phones as opposed to internet users via computers Mobile internet is the future of internet marketing. Its the reason why a Mobile Monopoly Review would be so important.

In essence its a mobile risk review since what you are going to be presented in my mobile monopoly review is the facts that support what Adam Horwitz has created. Adam is no stranger to mobile web marketing and in my mobile monopoly review I will be going over all the previous products he has created and what makes this so different.

What sets mobile monopoly achievements apart from many other internet products currently available is the fact that its so future looking. Its a product that primes you for the future of the internet and nearly every company and business worth their salt no this is in mobile web marketing. My mobile monopoly review will be exposing this fact so that you can decide for yourself in my mobile monopoly review if mobile internet is the future for you too.

Until now unlike in my mobile monopoly review many of the products you may associate with your cell phone include looking for info like a mobile scrabble review, or monopoly tycoon mobile review or indeed a mobile games review in general. What makes mobile monopoly review different is the fact that this is in fact an internet marketing product with a twist: mobile monopoly review is a look at how this mobile web marketing product could make you real money in the real world unlike a mobile game.

For my mobile monopoly review to be effective I would suggest you start to do some research into the scale of mobile phone penetration in the world, how many more people are using bandwidth via mobile phones and its effect on the future of the internet. I believe you will find that my mobile monopoly review is going to really cover the basics of why you as a savvy internet marketer should be looking to expand your horizons with mobile web marketing.

What will make my mobile monopoly review different to anyone else’s is the fact that I have been granted full access to mobile monopoly so I will be going over it fully in the usual Rylan Clayne style. I want you to stay close and bookmark my Mobile monopoly review page for more details coming shortly. You should also sign up to my newsletter for all the latest mobile monopoly information.

Traffic happens to be the life and blood of any website, but getting targeted free mobile monopoly traffic can be hard if you’re doing it the old school way. Mobile Monopoly is what you need if you’re looking for an automated SEO tool that will allow you to garner traffic from forums, RSS feeds, web 2.0 properties and a slew of others. So does the free mobile monopoly separate itself from the other programs like it? You will of course get the free mobile monopoly traffic you wanted, but you will also be able to rise in the searches and your page rank will increase, too. You will be able to have this done while you sit back and watch, as the program creates many backlinks to your site that are relevant. In this review article we will be focusing on how Link Builder Pro can prove to be the ultimate SEO automation tool for you and why it delivers the best results when compared to other software tools.

Its very possible many of you would like a free mobile monopoly backstage pass for many reasons. Some like the idea of a free mobile life but many others think that the backstage pass will give them access to free mobile games but this is not really true.

Automatically Creates free mobile monopoly Linkwheel – Linkwheels have been around for a long time now, and Internet marketers have taken advantage of them in various way. You always want to appear to be linking normally, and try to reduce your footprint as much as you can. No software does everything perfectly, but Link Builder Pro does take many aspects into consideration, plus what it will do is create your various accounts and publish spun articles for free mobile monopoly backlinking purposes. This easily boosts your position in the search engines, giving your competition a run for their money.

Mobile Monopoly will also form your RSS feeds so that your linkwheels make it to the best directories. You already know just how important RSS feeds are in getting your information out there. But more than that, your linkwheels will be able to achieve a higher free mobile monopoly search engine ranking precisely because of this one feature.

In many ways you can liken what free mobile monopoly is like compared to for example the java monopoly game which is not the same thing. One is a game and the other is an internet marketing product with a big difference. While free mobile board games may be fun to play in reality you cant make real money wirth them. The free mobile monopoly course is designed to teach you how to use mobile mobile phones to create marketing adverts on apps like the mcdonalds monopoly mobile game and also the monopoly mobile game.

Automatically Social Bookmarks – The free mobile monopoly software bookmarks your sites to over 30 social bookmarking sites so that you can get laser targeted traffic coming your way. This will get you on your way to being a free mobile oligopoly.

Forum Profile Link Building: There are lots of forums who sport high page ranks, and these are perfect for making a profile on. These free mobile monopoly forums will be found by the tool, it will go through the email verification for you, and you’ll even be able to take advantage of putting a link on there. You will essentially be getting more backlinks which will push you over the competition.

Proxy Support – You will enjoy and appreciate the excellent free mobile monopoly support available for using proxies. Whatever kind or source of proxy can be added, and you can work from that. This also creates a positive impact on the search engines because it makes the link building look natural.

So many of the time-consuming tasks are taken care of for you by your free mobile monopoly. You can save a lot of time, reduce some stress, and you’ll be able to work on other things.

The monopoly world mobile companies are getting larger every day. You may have heard that samsung mobile monopoly is bigger but by how much exactly? What are the figures and stats which are making everyone feel that the real monopoly world mobile is going to be so huge.

Well there are several factors that contributes to the feeling that the monopoly world mobile will get larger lets take a closer look at each factor.

With the advent of the internet, it has been a plan of the monopoly world mobile phone companies to increase in size, and this has meant on mobile phones there has been an explosion in the actual usage of bandwidth. You may have been a victim of this for instance if you own an apple iphone or any other internet capable phone for instance the android versions.

A big change has been in the way samsung mobile monopoly has changed its approach. This means that monopoly world software downloads are now more readily available and has seen an increase in sales of its mobile monopoly devices as a result.

The monopoly world mobile companies have figured out a way to decrease overall usage of bandwidth but the way they are doing this by just giving everyone a cap is actually not a great way of doing business. When you purchase your mobile monopoly cell phone you dont wish for the monopoly world mobile companies to actually put a cap on your usage.

However despite the complaints from many, monopoly world mobile companies are pressing ahead with these changes and your mobile monopoly phones wont be the same again. For instance the average size of bandwidth has decreased from 2-4GB per account to just 500MB. This is fine if you wish to just check email and do general surfing but for bandwidth intensive sites for instance video sites like youtube or other such sites this is a big proble.

The ideal situation – monopoly mobile free world! But that is not possible. There will always be those who want to dominate an industry. This is why monopoly world mobile phone is just part of the larger picture.

What the monopoly world mobile companies may not realise is that by doing this they are literally shooting their own foot since mobile monopoly owners will simply go elsewhere. They are also slowing down the progress of internet ready phones with the short sites approach that monopoly world mobile companies are taking.

The good thing is the amount of monopoly world software reviews. This means you can make an educated choice of which samsung mobile monopoly device best suits you.

That being said the positive that needs to come out of this for us is that mobile internet is growing and that this means mobile marketing is about to grow rapidly too. We should take heart from the fact people are using so much bandwidth. Its a shame that people like Verizon and AT&T are doing this in order to maintain their networks but hopefully these monopoly world mobile companies will slowly increase their network size to accommodate such a growth in the use of mobile monopoly based phones.

You should be aware however that monopoly world windows mobile is now also an option and Microsoft are growing in this field every day just like the monopoly tycoon mobile vultures that they are. You get full monopoly here now world edition instructions but I still feel that samsung mobile monopoly is the better choice for those looking for a monopoly world mobile phone right now.

The great thing that could happen is that the government steps in more to regulate this monopoly world mobile companies so that us the consumer and those advertizing and marketing on the mobile monopoly phones will actually have a chance to succeed. At the moment its fearing the unknown which drives these monopoly world mobile companies but as these mobile monopoly devices become more powerful they will have to ensure they grow their own networks to allow more usage. Its only a matter of time in my opinion.

I hope you liked this view of whats going on in mobile marketing today. Check out my Mobile Monopoly Bonus package for more information. This way the monopoly world mobile companies wont have such a hold on you and your business online.

I know that many of you visiting this page today will be wanting to also know about my amazing mobile monopoly bonus package. Now all details of the exact mobile monopoly bonus package is due to be relased tomorrow but I can release a few bits of information for you to digest right now.

My mobile monopoly bonus package will be different to cell phone monopoly bonus packages in that one is for a game and the other for a course of education in mobile marketing. You cannot compare the 2 together. There are other games too and you can take the mobile risk bonus as one example of this.

On the other hand some would actually keep you in the dark about their possible mobile monopoly bonus package – but I dont want to do that to you. I want to be as open with you about the benefits of what you will get.

In general there are several mobile games bonus packages that are available to you but at some point you need to realise the difference between a game and my bonus mobile monopoly review. There is a complete difference between these 2 products.

So lets get to it shall we.

First off the main benefit of my mobile monopoly bonus package is that you are receiving it from a known marketer that has been around for a while. This means you can trust me when I say I am going to send you a great mobile monopoly bonus package. Im not a fly on the wall here today gone tomorrow kinda guy.

Secondly my mobile monopoly bonus package will certainly be the best on the market. There are many reasons for this but the main reason is that unlike many others online just offering the normal range of bonuses I try and tailor my bonuses so they are highly relevant to the product. In the case of my mobile monopoly bonus package you will see lots of value in what I intend to give you.

Many may think they can just get monopoly mobile free but this is not the case and you cannot just get my mobile monopoly bonus package for free as you have to purchase mobile monopoly 1st there is no mobile monopoly cheat. Like in the original game the car monopoly bonus is your allowed to go around the board 2 times and collect cash on each. This is how mobile monopoly works too as your able to learn through the course and also see how Adam makes his money online personally. So you learn both together.

Third and finally when you do finally receive your mobile monopoly bonus package it does not end there. You dont simply vanish or never hear from me again. You get support, you can contact me whenever you like and I will answer even if its a few days. This means my mobile monopoly bonus package really will be better than anything else you can get out there because of these 3 main points unlike for example a mobile scrabble bonus which as you now know would not be the same thing.

There are ofcourse other reasons why my mobile monopoly bonus package will be great. The fact I was able to actually see the entire product before anyone else should be a clue as to how much I know about it already and therefore I will be doing a big mobile monopoly bonus review very soon indeed.

Now the point is that having a good mobile monopoly bonus package can also make all the difference when it comes to actually navigating around mobile monopoly. That is because when someone is new to a course it can be very daunting especially when there are over 50 videos and a lot of new information around. So if you have someone who can guide you through and help you achieve your goals step by step this is a positive aspect of my mobile monopoly bonus package that I dont think anyone else really has.

I know that when many of you use the search engines to find mobile monopoly by Adam Horwitz you sometimes see the monopoly tycoon mobile game pop up in the top few positions of the search engine.

I wanted to quickly clear up any confusion some of you have between what monopoly tycoon mobile game and the mobile monopoly course by Adam Horwitz. So lets begin with talking a bit about Mobile monopoly.

Now you can certainly download monopoly tycoon 2007 mobile version online and I believe there are several more versions coming out soon to update this game. Its similar to the way that mobile monopoly will be updated on a regular basis as new info on mobile marketing becomes available.

Mobile monopoly unlike monopoly tycoon mobile game is a real course that teaches you how to use mobile marketing and mobile web marketing to boost your income online. It does this by showing you exactly how to set up your own mobile advertising campaigns so that you have the ability to tap into this vast market. Monopoly tycoon mobile game is simply a game. Yes it is a great one and I am sure you could even find lots of monopoly tycoon pc cheats but its still just a game and that means you wont make real money like you could do using the mobile monopoly course.

As you know monopoly tycoon online game can be found just by searching online. You are unlikely however to find a mobile optimized squeeze page generator very easily like the one provided in mobile monopoly. You really will have to create your own software for this if you wanted to succeed with mobile marketing.

Now the other way mobile monopoly is different to monopoly tycoon mobile game is the fact that the course itself has over 50 videos teaching you what to do. This takes you step by step through all the required information so that you are not lost at any stage. This is important because in the end of the day if you dont have a good grounding of each topic it will be harder to understand and implement. Adam Horwitz really has gone far in trying to over deliver and provide you with real value on the mobile monopoly course. Monopoly tycoon mobile game is created mainly for those who want to spend a bit of time to imagine themselves as property tycoons based upon the board game.

The monopoly tycoon mobile game download can be made quite quickly as its a small file. The same cannot be said for mobile monopoly as it has a very video marketing intensive feel about it.

So you can see that mobile monopoly is completely different from monopoly tycoon mobile game. The reason for this is because one is based in the real world i.e Mobile Monopoly while the other is simply a video game that you can play on your cell phone or mobile device like an apple iphone or an android phone i.e the monopoly tycoon mobile game.

The great thing about many monopoly tycoon mobile review is the fact that they do mention how people today like using their phones for more than just talking. For instance people are willing to use monopoly tycoon 176×220 game mobile even though this is a very small screen in many ways. This shows the potential for mobile monopoly to increase its presence in mobile web over the long term.

Now many of you will be wondering if Mobile Monopoly is so good why is it not number 1 in the search engines. Well that just shows you how popular using games and media on the phone have become. Even us experts in SEO and mobile search optimization have trouble ranking in a search engine when the overwhelming majority wish to actually play monopoly tycoon mobile game and imagine themselves to be rich rather than actually create real riches online using the mobile monopoly techniques taught by Adam Horwitz.

Now nobody is saying monopoly tycoon mobile game is not good. Judging by the reviews it seems really cool as a game to waste time on but for those interested in the real world you should really check out what Mobile monopoly has to offer. It may be harder to implement then moopoly tycoon mobile game but I promise you that Adam Horwitz will teach you all the skills in mobile Monopoly to be successful quickly.

The question of if the j2me mobile platform actually works with Mobile Monopoly is something that comes up quite a bit. Its a good question and one that you need to be aware of. Of course the mobile industry is changing very rapidly and this includes changes in the j2me mobile software as well as several other changes that you should be constantly informed about.

The other great thing about Mobile Monopoly unlike relying on j2me mobile platforms is that you can use any screen size to display your ads and you dont have to worry about a certain size like the 240×320 mobile devices that are on the market. Unlike the j2me software that is currently on the market Mobile Monopoly is not restricted to a certain screen size.

But on the other hand you need to realise that Mobile Monopoly is a course that does not rely on any one mobile phone. This means even if the j2me mobile standards were to change and all of a sudden new j2me mobile standards were adopted this would not affect your mobile monopoly marketing.

Its true though that you could also use j2me mobile games to advertise using the skills and strategies that are shown to you by Adam Horwitz in Mobile Monopoly.

This is because of what Mobile Monopoly teaches you. It teaches you how to utilise mobile marketing for the long term. Not just one platform of type of mobile phone is targeted. Instead everyone is treated equally and every mobile platform can be used to advertize on. This means the j2me mobile standard is not a problem for Mobile Monopoly.

There is talk of a new breed of mobile monopoly phones being released called brew mobile which basically means phones that are cracked. This means you no longer have to worry about the j2me software etc.

You are taught through mobile monopoly how to use CPA networks which specialise in mobile marketing, as well as certain special techniques for creating mobile squeeze pages and also the ability to boost your overall lead generation ability. All with the use of automated pay per phone and pay per ad techniques. It does not matter if the mobile has j2me mobile platform installed.

The use of j2me nokia mobiles with mobile monopoly should be proof of the fact that you dont have to have a particular mobile device to take advantage of mobile monopoly and the teaching it provides.

The great thing is that as mobile technology as j2me mobile and others develop further they will incorporate mobile marketing even further. Its not a matter of us vs them in being able to market to those with mobile phones. Most of the hard graft is already done for you through software like BeastMobi and others in Mobile Monopoly to be able to take care of issues such as those brought up by the j2me mobile standard. Regardless of what type of Java software is installed or what browser the phone uses once a page is mobile optimised through the techniques shown in mobile monopoly then nothing will stop the advert from actually being shown in the way which you choose.

The fact is that jave mobile applications will be around for quite a while even if j2me mobile technology changes. We can safely say though that Mobile Monopoly will always be able to advertize on any platform, any wireless devide or mobile phone including any j2me nokia phone which may have been a problem before.

The other mobile monopoly point that should be made is that it does not rely on j2me mobile or any other type of software. This means it would work even if you were using new technology other than j2me mobile like the new android mobile technology that is now taking the market by storm.

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